Sound for the Organization of Society



“The Sun Opened Up” forthcoming May 2014


Sound for the Organization of Society is an ensemble that is committed to the principle of hierarchical equality in the exploration of the concepts of composition and improvisation.   As a collective of composers, performers and improvisers it creates complete equality between its members, who all contribute to the ensemble’s pool of compositional forms as well as lend their talents as performers to the different composers in order to form a social entity of mutual artistic interest.   The common denominator of the music that SFOS produces is the emphasis on improvisation and the absence of censorship.   The music of the ensemble draws from a multitude of musical approaches and languages ranging from contemporary classical music through the avant-garde and jazz to various world styles, including American roots music.   The members of the ensemble reflect its broad musical palette, stemming from diverse geographical and musical backgrounds.   The group has a strong affiliation with the music and culture of New Orleans, where it was first formed and where most of the members met for the first time.    Underlying its abstract, postmodern, and experimental leanings is a sentiment towards rhythm, syncopation and a celebration of life in all its multitudinous forms.  After Hurricane Katrina, the members of Sound for the Organization of Society were dispersed all over the planet and the ensemble now exists only in the form of a touring group with a strong affiliation to the West Coast, where most of its members momentarily reside.


Ingo Deul, drums, percussion
Kevin Van Geem, drums, percussion
Eric Klerks, acoustic and electric upright bass, lap steel guitar
Sarah Phillips, piano, electric piano, harmonium, voice, gaida, flute
Andrew Oliver, piano, electric piano, harmonium, cornet, percussion
Chris Mosley, guitar, fretless guitar
Mary-Sue Tobin, soprano and alto sax, clarinet
Tom Garcia, soprano, tenor, and baritone sax